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Hi world,

On February 9th 2011, 18h47, our web project manager put our brand new website on-line. It has been so exciting for us to work on it that we were all impatient to see people’s comments flood the Social Media Planet. Yet we were wondering how would people react at first sight? Would they fall in love with us? Would they hate us? What would people have to say about it? Then it started:

Hello, I think your idea is a pretty good idea!

I’m so disturbed because it feels like we are using Google’s interface. But in fact we are not.

The identification of your website takes quite a long time. I wondered for a bit where I actually was. The result feels more like a “private joke” between developers than a corporate site.

Actually, after thinking about it; it is definitely efficient.

It is super weird.

Why did you decide to create such a page?”

Indeed, the main word that has prevailed in the comments we have received so far, is WHY?

Truth is we have made this visual choice for two main reasons: First of all our main concern was to create an easy-to-browse website: everyone knows how to use Google, right? Secondly as online marketers, we like to come up with unusual ideas and we wanted to create a website with a strong visual impact. Stealing from the most visited website of the past decade as exact template and doing our best to integrate our corporate information felt like the natural solution.

So there we were, trying to think of a tool internet users used for their everyday life and it became obvious for us to design and build our web page as a search engine. But like our disclaimer clearly states “All characters appearing in this website are fictitious. Any resemblance to another website, even to famous search engine, real website, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” Of course, we hope you understand that the aim is also to be fun, just fun.

So it is true that people get lost during the first two minutes. But that is only because our tricky brains, from the very first moments of our lives, associate meanings to our everyday experiences. What Neuroscience teaches us about the brain architecture is that we have an “old brain” and “a new brain”. And guess what?!! Whenever individuals face a new situation, we are primarily driven by our old brain – our unconscious mind – that always tries to connect the current situation emotionally with past experiences. So the “2 min” loss feeling when visiting our website for the 1st time is explained by the fact that our proud good old brain is familiar with the interface yet the shy new brain is trying to inform his counterpart that there is something new in the picture. Then normally should come all sorts of reactions: From “wow”, to “why”, or maybe “boo”, all depending on your level of receptiveness to new situations. But here, I’m speaking about Neuro marketing; a vast topic; isn’t it?

Another question we also got was “Is Google going to prosecute Euro RSCG 4D Bulgaria? Well except for the search bar ;-) , technically speaking we do not provide the same services, so we hope not, but it does raise the question of the public interest. Google is today part of our Internet history, the identity design too; we strongly believe that eventually every internet user is the owner of Google’s heritage.

You will see that for now it is in Beta Version; only the English version is available. The Bulgarian version will follow shortly.  Sadly we do recommend you to enjoy our website as much as possible as the surprise effect is always “ephemeral”! This is why we will come up with a new website design that will be released around springtime.

In Euro RSCG 4D, we believe that success comes from out of the box ideas, yet still with our feet well grounded.

Oh and one last thing, if you’re still worried about the design of our website… The Great Picasso used to say “Bad artists copy. Great artists steal.

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3 comments on “Why 4D looks like a …

  1. Utremer on said:

    А защо лула точно ;) Обожавам лули, даже в момента пуфкам с моята :)

  2. 4D Team on said:

    Това е картина на Рене Магрит, под която е изписано “Това не е лула.” Идеята на автора е, че това не е истинска лула, а просто нейно изображение.

  3. upsewwafe on said:

    Да, вероятно така че е

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