Oscars 2011 as a digital phenomenon

For some the 83rd ceremony of the Oscars was “boring”,  for others – Oscars 2011 were very professional and well organized and the winners deserved their awards. For us, Euro RSCG 4D Bulgaria,  the 2011 Oscars became a “digital phenomenon”. If you are wondering why, look at the statistics of the marketing campaign analysis published after the event:

- 10 000 posts on Twitter / in a minute;

- 36,4 million Twitter posts with the official hashtag of the event #oscars. Compared to the Super Bowl, the most viewed and  preferred  event for the Americans, having in mind that this is an explicitly non working day for the nation and after the Thanksgiving day most significant holiday. All the messages posted in Twitter with the Super Bowl’s hashtag were 38.5 million;

- Twitter profile of James Franco, created just a month before the Oscars 2011 was mentioned and shared  over 63,737 times, during the Oscars show;

- With only 114 live-twitting publications, sharing behind-the-scenes moments and videos, the followers of Franco are more than 200 000 people. Similar are the figures pointed out in his profile in Facebook;

- The official hashtag #oscars showed up twice on TV and this caused a surge of Twits – postings have doubled.

What does it mean for the business?

  1. Live-twitting a public important event  meets the consumers’ needs, pulls traffic and improves the brand awareness of the event;
  2. If you want to achieve this, it’s important to create a special hashtag to filter the information and all the messages related to the event;
  3. The length of the “PR wave” is  crucial for the success of the marketing campaign – games, publications, press releases and PR materials for the event should start spreading about a month before the event, to continue during the event itself and not to stop at least two weeks after its end;
  4. Cross-media marketing campaign is the second key to success-digital applications for mobile devices, print advertising, social media and television coverage. Everything should follow one simple concept. The aim of the Oscars 2011 was campaign coverage on Twitter, attracting the youngsters. Even the mothers of the nominees were encouraged to tweet during the handing of the Oscars.
  5. The strong Twitter traffic has been indexed by Google. This attracts an additional interest on behalf of journalists, bloggers and the general public and often provides a lot of  “free” publications covering the event.

The remaining question now is whether a massive Internet campaign could lead to manipulation of the public opinion and attitudes, in general. See  the Google forecasts on who deserves to win an Oscar: http://goo.gl/ALRu1

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